Interior Design Addict: Via thehardt Back to where my fascination with design and architecture began, with MidCentury. The aspect of design I appreciate most is that it’s infinite, there’s no finish line, as long as you have the desire, you’ll find it. Want to thank all of you for coming along with me on this journey as we explore all things attractive, from design to architecture. I will say that, my quality of life has improved significantly since I really started paying attention to the beautiful objects/structures/paintings/furniture etc around me. I want to thank you all, you are what keeps this feed going, you make me challenge myself to find projects/angles of projects most of you have not seen yet, or have seen and forgotten about. Anyways, thanks for following, and looking forward to the next 10,000 then 100,000 and at some point possibly even a site. – The Hardt ‪McGregor Hall (1958) by Minoru Yamasaki located at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and of course, featuring one of my favorites, by one of my favorites – Barcelona Chair by LEGEND of MINIMALISM #MiesVanDerRohe #thankyou #architecture #design #art #midcentury #midcenturymodern #american #usa ‬#patterns #shapes #lobby #10k #10kfollowers

by franhein

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