Interior Design Addict: Via thehardt Situated in Camino Zapallar km 2, Papudo, Chile, Casa Pite by Smiljan Radic. To accommodate more flexibility to the period of use of the house, Smiljan; Proposes as a design the almost total occupation of the land with 4,305 ft² (400 m²) of living spaces, understanding that different geographical situations would help characterize the interiors. A central ramp unifies the terrace parking with the domestic spaces. To the north are the public outdoor spaces, such as swimming pool and barbecue area and to the south the most frequented spaces of this house pavilion, such as the access gallery, living room, dining room, kitchen, main room and bathrooms. At the south end of the pavilion and behind a retaining wall, are the guest room and service areas, which are accessed by an exterior corridor that skirts and dramatizes the cliff. #Chile #Chilean #View #OceanView #Beach #Calm #BeachHouse #Concrete #Ocean

by franhein

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