Interior Design Addict: Via thehardt Thong House (2014) by NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS located in District 7, Vietnam. The architecture takes advantage of two fronts, east and south. On one side which is also the main elevation, is to the sun, the other has a magnificent view to the public park of the ward. Into a consistent dialogue with the next-door landscape, large openings in the southern side are proposed to enjoy the spectacular scenery of enormous plantings from the parks, and witness the seasonally qualitative change throughout the years. Concept of geometry, while the volumes are mostly covered by wooden louver to absorb an amount of the sun heat before coming inside the house, the rotating door system covering the second floor void, becomes the gate between the outside and inside of the house. #vietnam #vietnamese #light #shadow #lighting #pattern #concrete #details #stairs #staircase #view #views #plants #link

by franhein

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