by Vanna Villa

When a creative couple takes over a former presbytery and turns it into a family home, it provides a refined, sober and warm space, where the elements of the time are combined with minimalist design.

From the entrance, old elements and touches of modernity are combined, starting with a rustic wall covered with rough quarry stones, which extends to the kitchen with its sleek lines. Upstairs, there is a comfortable lounge warmed by light wood floors and walls, with a stunning view of the snow-covered slopes. The architects have chosen to enhance every space in the house, like a corridor with a vaulted ceiling that houses a reading area in a small alcove. This approach is also found in the loft area, which the couple’s daughter and her family invest when they come to visit them. Entirely open, the space reveals a large living room that allows you to be completely independent, and only the bathroom is hidden in a central block.

The other centrepiece of the building is undoubtedly the barn, which the couple has reserved for their eldest son. The architects managed to preserve the facade and used wood from local forests to revive the interior, keeping the minimalistic spirit so dear to Fabio and his wife. “I like the idea that our house is made up of two independent buildings that are connected

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