by Vanna Villa

The courtyard is not only a totally major element in the history of architecture, from antiquity to the modern age, as we all know; it is also the basis of a true system of composition, the support of a way of projecting as universal as varied. And so important that it can be said that for many of the uses and for many human cultures there has been no other in reality, so that the system of courtyards or cloister Рas I thought it was useful to call it too Рhas been identified in some stages and civilizations with architecture itself. 

The courtyard as a way of inhabiting, as a system, can be defined as a type, if you like, even if it is something more than that: it is a systemic and versatile archetype, capable of sheltering a large number of different uses, forms, sizes, styles and characteristics. Linked at its birth to the warm and sunny climates typical of the lands of ancient civilizations, it already reached a very diverse condition: from the modest dwelling to the palace, which invaded the most diverse uses.

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