by Vanna Villa

To their parisian apartment, each of them brought their own collection. Having followed a diplomatic father-in-law abroad and trained at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, Caroline has a cosmopolitan taste. “I see beauty everywhere, I can fall in love with a Nordic buffet as well as an Oceania object! “I was mainly interested in the French production of the 20th century. How to harmonize them? Compromises were made. The table and the expanded polyurethane sofa by Louis Durot, which used to be in Jacques’ old duplex, disappeared. In exchange, her partner gave up the English chairs inherited from her grandmother.

Emmanuel Bloos’ enamel fireplace: “Jacques wanted the second fireplace in the apartment to be designed by an artist. We asked Emmanuel Boos, a ceramist represented by the gallery Jousse Entreprise. The job took him for a year! “Jacques Lacoste: “Boos is a master of the kiln, he touches like nobody else with kitchen accidents, with the reactions of the glazes. Using an artist is a way of expressing our difference. “On the fireplace, a painting by Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil. The pair of bronze and leather armchairs was sculpted by Diego Giacometti. On the right, a luminous sign of Vassilakis Takis, dated around 1970.

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