by Vanna Villa

ÁBATON was born as an Architecture Studio in 1998 with Camino Alonso, Ignacio Lechón and Carlos Alonso. They soon realize that, to carry out the architecture they dream of, it is not only necessary to find the client who values it. Also, it is necessary to involve with the same passion the construction company that is going to be in charge of the work.

That is why they project and also build with their team the first house that will collect their criteria and will do as promoters, with no other client than themselves. This house is sold, photographed and public and it will be the first one that carries the principles and criteria of ÁBATON.

The passage of time, the constant improvement, the purification of details and the incorporation of new techniques lead to the projects that form part of ÁBATON’s curriculum. More than 130 new-build homes and more than 1200 apartment renovations have gathered within the same language a multitude of details and specific solutions for the client or specific place.

They soon realise that in order to carry out the projects they design, it is essential to be deeply involved in the work phase and, going deeper into this need, it is how they constitute and build the company. The repercussion of ÁBATON projects -widely photographed and published in the most prominent specialized media- determined the influx of clients in search of spaces that reflect the same language of light, sustainability and a design that applies the Studio to all projects.

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