by Vanna Villa
Aires Mateus Portugal
Aires Mateus Portugal

Aires Mateus was founded by the brothers Manuel Rocha de Aires Mateus and Francisco Aires Mateus in 1988 in Lisbon. Both graduated from FA/UTL in 1986 and 1987 respectively. They have extensive work built, mostly in their country.

They are influenced by Portuguese architects such as Alvaro Siza or Gonçalo Byrne. Their architecture is known for its play of volumes in which the occupied space is as essential as the void. The light and how it affects the areas is another major factor in their work.

They have taken part in the Venice Biennale in the 2010 editions, commissioned by David Chipperfield, representing Portugal and in 2012 invited by Kazuyo Sejima, in which they presented an installation called Radix.

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