by Vanna Villa

Dionisio González (Gijón, 1965) has become a kind of city healer, an architect of desires or magician of habitability. His proposals have improved suburbs, favelas and populations exposed to hurricanes and typhoons in countries as different as Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea, Italy, the United States, Holland, Cuba… All without touching a brick, because González is not an architect, although he would have liked to, a plastic artist determined to improve his environment. At the moment, with ideas, because although he has received offers to make some of his projects a reality -in Busan (South Korea) he was on the verge but was truncated by political problems- he has not yet materialized any of them.


His concept of photography starts from a very advertising background in the base but it degrades into photographic activism. Dionisio González also holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts (his thesis dealt with the aesthetics of horror) and is a professor at the University of Seville where he exercises his other great passion, teaching.

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