by Vanna Villa

Giacomo Ravagli was born in 1981 in Tuscany, Italy and learned to carve marble in the sculpture workshops of Pietrasanta. He started carving as an apprentice at age eighteen and spent many years producing religious ornaments and decorations, large outdoor artworks for public spaces, and sculptures for contemporary artists such as Louise Bourgeois. He also restored monumental pieces, including sculptures by Henry Moore.


Ravagil mixes architecture and sculpture, seeking to “give rational shape to the irrational and irregular form”. His working method is an exercise in reduction and refinement. In short, he acts as a designer but thinks like a sculptor.


Executed in rare Italian marble, Ravagli’s lamps have a refined, angular shape brought about through meticulous sanding and polishing. He uncovers the beautiful delicacy of the marble’s rippled surface and each stone’s unique coloring. From the inside, his bronze lampshades appear kaleidoscopic as the golden light reflects inside.


Since 2011 Ravagli has been creating high-end furniture, ranging from unique pieces for galleries and collectors to products for international design companies. His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, and art institutions, as well as at industry fairs including Design Miami/Basel, PAD Paris, and Zona Maco, Mexico.

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