by Vanna Villa

This is a dental clinic accompanied by a housing project. The prerequisites were as follows: to make the clinic and the house in a single building, to create three individual treatment rooms and a couple of rooms that can be transformed into treatment rooms in the future, and to give the treatment area a sense of spaciousness while maintaining its privacy. For the housing section, the client wanted to have a nice view of the sky. Apart from these conditions, local openings also need special attention in order to maintain sufficient levels of natural light in the building. The site suffers from strong winds in winter and is famous for recording the highest temperatures in Japan during the summer.

There is a great diversity of spaces. The plant is governed by the 2.7 m grid. However, one can experience different feelings in each space, due to the differences in each cell’s heights, natural lighting and volume. While a functional and rational floor plan was sought, ambiguous relationships were generated between the external and internal conditions that generated a mysterious depth in the space. The diversity in light and space was created involuntarily by the 55 cells inside the structure.


Text provided by the architects

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