by Vanna Villa

Upon entering a room designed by Corinne Gilbert, one is immediately struck by a distinctive stylistic confidence and sense of being a place of perfectly tuned choices.
Corinne has developed an extensive knowledge of design through working in different fields, first in fashion, as she created Corinne Gilbert for Michelle Lamy and became a fashion director for Willi Wear, Fenn Wright and Manson and as a decorative painter for decorators such as Bunny Williams, David Easton, Jacques Grange . . .


Soon after the opening of mc&co, a design store and studio showcasing a small line of objects and furniture that she developed with Dan Mc Carthy, friends started to ask her to decorate their home. 


A hands on approach to fabrication and construction, a lengthy exposure to different trades and high craftsmanship, an innate sense of scale, color and texture have enabled her to create intuitive harmony and refinement within boldly composed rooms.


Her interiors remain refreshingly smart, Corinne is able to distill the essence of unexpected perfection and create space like a painter does, subtly punctuating and bridging the environment, allowing rooms to become places of freedom and clarity.

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