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The Wincent Villa opens its doors just in time for the 90th birthday of the building, which was built in 1929 with the guesthouse in mind. Leading Polish designers took care of the interior, and the individual service is provided by a concierge who knows the secrets of Gdynia.

In 2016, three entrepreneurs from Gdynia, unaware of the original owner’s plans, bought a dilapidated tenement house at the corner of Ejsmonda and Wincentego Pola Streets. From the land and mortgage registers and archives emerged further elements of the history of the Villa Leśna (Ejsmonda Street was previously called Leśna).

” The building of the present Wincent Villa was built on the initiative of Maria Kozierowska at the corner of the then Boczna and Leśna Streets. It was to serve as a guest room. Unfortunately, the war thwarted Mrs. Maria’s plans, starting a turbulent period in the history of the tenement house, which had various functions from barracks to apartments in the communist times,” says Kamila Kwiatoń, manager.

Architects Maciej Ryniewicz and Rafał Kaletowski were invited to work on the project – they are known for their interior designs for such places as Serio, Haos or Fedde (recently included by “Vogue” among the eight most beautiful restaurants in the country). They were inspired by, among others, the exhibition about the birth of Gdynia present in the City Museum, the simplicity and functionalism of modernism and the design of the 1930s, which inspired Polish design of the 1950s and 1960s.

– We are pleased that we managed to realize the interior virtually without artificial materials and imitations. We saved the original staircase, and most of the elements of the decor were made to order, including such details as window sills and terrazzo thresholds,” says designer Maciej Ryniewicz. – Thanks to the cooperation with Politura, we have acquired furniture from designer Edmund Homa, including the only copy of his chair with horns.

Willa Wincent distinguishes itself from rooms for rent and commercial hotels not only by their décor, but also by their home-like warmth, which was taken care of by the owners and designers, and which is cultivated by the service and individual approach to guests. – Gdynia is known for its quality of life and satisfaction of its residents,” says Klawoń. – We want to tell our guests the secrets of this success. Thanks to the concierge function, we can adjust to the individual preferences of visitors what is worth visiting in the Tri-City, what to experience, or where to eat.

There are 24 rooms in the building – from compact rooms for people travelling alone to suites with a private terrace with a view of the bay.

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