by Vanna Villa

MOVING MOUNTAINS is a Brooklyn based studio founded by designer Syrette Lew.  Committed to working with regional craftsmen and fabricators, the studio shifts freely between materials, adeptly navigating different styles and genres, to produce distinctive furniture, objects, and accessories.  Careful consideration is equally given to aesthetics and functionality, employing methods of fine craftsmanship and technology to cultivate high quality in every piece.  In addition to its own collections, the studio also collaborates with select clients to produce unique and one-off commissions for special projects.  


Their work has been featured in numerous publications such as Architectural Digest, Dwell, Elle Decor, Metropolis, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, and Wallpaper*.


Our furniture is made to order. A selection of Moving Mountains furniture can be seen at the NYC showroom COLONY.  W

Having been born and raised in Hawaii, the name Moving Mountains is a reference to the designer’s home state and the archipelago created as the Pacific Plate moves northwestward over a volcanic hotspot.



Their Puffer chair takes its cues from Italian lounge interiors of the 1970s and laid-back west coast living. It is at once casual and refined, hovering just above the ground with a swivel base.

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