by Vanna Villa

The site is a newly acquired lot conveniently located in a quiet residential area. The clients requested that we not only build a house but make a new place where we can interact with our neighbors and make a residence where they can enjoy their hobbies both inside and outside. At this request, we planned an interaction space (a place open to the public) in front of the building in front of the road, and we also designed an orchard behind the building (the location in front of the neighbor’s agricultural field).


Four areas – “veranda”, “living space”, “light veranda”, and “guest room” – make up the plan. When we consider the lives of older people, we think that life and non-daily life, such as tea parties at home or visits from their adult daughters would be important while it is necessary to provide functions for daily lives such as eating and sleeping. So we designed each area to be connected depending on the situation, keeping the boundaries blurred between them, thus making it possible for daily and non-daily lives to be intertwined.


The terrace surrounding the building functions as a place of friendship with neighbors and neighborhoods, meeting on the east side, and as a resting place on the west side when clients work in their garden. It also functions as a traffic line from the entrance when they have a tea party. The terrace is a structure that creates a physical and temporary distance between the living space and the tea room and helps visitors realize the end of their daily lives and the beginning of their non-daily lives.


The living space surrounds a square warehouse in the center. Located in the center on the second floor is the visitor’s room. It is expected to be used flexibly as a tea room, a guest room, a reading space, etc. Floating around this visiting room is the “veranda of light,” whose soft light envelops the visitors’ room. In the “light veranda,” the view from the overhead lights on the four sides is diffused between the translucent fabric sheets and creates a pool of light. It also creates a scene in which light moves and fluctuates in intensity in response to the movement of the natural wind.




Text via http://www.sasaki-as.com/

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