by Vanna Villa

Worthy of a landscape which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Quinta da Côrte combines tradition, modernity and luxury with a sophisticated simplicity. Its wine stores and guest accommodation have been entirely re-worked by Pierre Yovanovitch, the internationally renowned architect and interior designer, who was free to display his full range of skills: a clear vision, bold architectural lines, the use of local materials and the work of local artisans, specially designed furniture and regional antiques, and works of art everywhere you look.


A true sense of strength and sobriety characterizes a Pierre Yovanovitch interior, achieved through a masterful interplay of harmonious volumes and strict lines softened by lighting and authentic materials – wood, stone, marble, metal. All floors, lighting fixtures and furniture are made to measure, working with an elite network of artisans. An eclectic, curated selection of works by international designers underscores the couture approach. Sobriety, balance, comfort and modernity are his key words. The ultimate perfectionist, Pierre Yovanovitch conceives each project as a work of art.

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