by Vanna Villa

Léa Mestres, a young independent designer, who after a few years spent in Eindhoven, has just set up her studio in Paris.

The practice of drawing has a great importance in her work, here 2D takes on its full meaning, freed from the constraints of perspective she devotes herself to a profusion of formal research. This allows him to mix with more personal lines, often incongruous and provided with a certain sense of humour. 

“Drawing makes it possible to remove barriers, to overcome limits: the expression of a personal and unique style then prevails over the purpose of the object. »


Its modus operandi is inevitably punctuated by 3 stages: first of all the constitution of a repertoire of forms, then the careful selection of the lucky ones elected within this collection and finally the search for a balance between its first ideas and the use called for by the manufacturing process.



These objects with indistinct shapes are the first steps of a certain talent in the category of a sculptural and singular design… To be followed very closely.


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