by Vanna Villa

Esplugues de Llobregat is known for its ceramics and westerns. This municipality in the metropolitan area of Barcelona housed the Pujol i Bausis factory, which supplied architects such as Gaudí and Domènech i Muntaner, and was the setting where western films were shot in the 1960s. Few people know that it was also the place of residence of the sculptor Xavier Corberó, who died in the spring of 2017 and was remembered for having designed the medals of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. However, his masterpiece remains hidden from the passer-by in the old part of the city. Corberó built his house in Esplugues, an architectural jewel that lies forgotten at the mercy of time.

“The house is like a big sculpture. You have the sensation of being inside a work of art,” assures Maria Dolors Rica. The sculptor’s widow is the only tenant and the one in charge of preserving her legacy: five labyrinthine floors vertebrate by a hexagonal inner courtyard that hide more than 400 works of the artist. A gold cell that he began to build in 1968, in the small neighborhood of old farmhouses around the parish of Santa Magdalena.


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