by Vanna Villa

Freihof -Weinheim Cemetery As formerly independent municipalities, the Ingelheim districts each have their own cemeteries, which, however, are slowly reaching their capacity limits. The cemetery in Frei-Weinheim is therefore to be expanded in several stages as a new central cemetery. The existing Aussegnungshalle from the 60s is already hardly meets the requirements and is therefore replaced by a new building, which finds its place on the street “In den Frenzen” at the new main entrance in the south of the cemetery.


An essential element of the redesign of the cemetery are expansive quarry stone walls from the typical yellow-gray natural stone. These delimit as enclosing walls the cemetery as a place of peace and contemplation from the road and separate as a retaining wall the entrance area of the – because of the nearby Rhine – higher cemetery parts for earth burials. The stone walls also formulate the new main entrance. the entire entrance area is spatially architecturally taken. As the center of the cemetery complex, the Aussegnungshalle is a natural part of the entrance area, as the stone walls continue into the interior and condense. The result is a differentiated sequence of interior and exterior spaces with finely tuned transitions.


Text provided by the architect


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