by Vanna Villa

101 Spring Street is the nineteenth century cast-iron warehouse in which the artist Donald Judd lived and worked from 1968 until his death in 1994. The building is notable for both its elegant, extensively glazed exterior and for Judd’s modifications within it. It was here that Judd developed his conception of permanently installed spaces for art. In contrast to the typical display of art in a museum, 101 Spring Street affords the visitor the opportunity to directly experience the results of the artist’s philosophical approach and creative process.

Over an eight-year period, Architecture Research Office, working with a team of consultants, led a meticulous, comprehensive renovation and restoration of the historic fabric. The team seamlessly integrated sophisticated yet discreet life safety and environmental systems while maintaining the integrity of the subtle relationship between building and art. The completed project serves the Judd Foundation’s mission of enabling public access and preserving Judd’s legacy in perpetuity. Floors two-five will be open for guided tours, events and exhibitions will occur on the ground floor and the Judd Foundation offices will occupy the cellar and sub-cellar.

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