by Vanna Villa

A former factory on the outskirts of Kortrijk is the setting for this brief. Today it consists of a stack of two stories high empty rooms (lofts), characterized by steel columns and ceilings in brick arches. Daylight enters via four vertical windows in the corner of the room.

The design of this loft is an exercise in filtering light. The undulating surfaces capture the light and let it gradually shift into shadow. Shadow is light.


The design consists of two levels, they individually drape around the existing columns and unfold themselves towards the windows. This curtain gradually absorbs light and separates the individual rooms of the living spaces. The uniqueness of place is created by variations of concave and convex lines, cantilevers and double-height ceilings.


Materials and textures:

Colom’s, window frames and ceiling are original. The curved walls are finished in a custom made lime technic that is treated with several pigments. The white polyurethane floors reflext the light and are made by Liquidfloors.


Text provided by the architects

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