by Vanna Villa

Paul László was a Hungarian architect and interior designer who built his reputation while designing interiors for houses, but in the 1960s, largely shifted his focus to the design of retail and commercial interiors. He was intransigent in his design projects but with his own unique style, few complained because of the overwhelming impact of his completed projects. 

In 1948, László joined with George NelsonCharles Eames and Isamu Noguchi to design for the Herman Miller company. The furniture lines presented by Herman Miller from 1948 have been called the most influential groups of furniture ever manufactured. However, László was not pleased with the arrangement and the relationship ended in 1952. 

Starting in 1941 László maintained his design studio in Beverly Hills and later he rented the entire building when it was still incomplete, and he immediately took on the task of designing the interiors, the exterior details and all the furniture complete with fabrics. The studio also had a small area showcasing his work and helped him achieve even greater prominence. Paul Laszlo designed famous department and many of the casinos and showrooms in the Howard Hughes-owned hotels in Las Vegas.

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