by Vanna Villa

Paolo Ferrari is an internationally recognized designer and founder of Studio Paolo Ferrari, a Toronto based, multi-disciplinary design studio, with a focus on interiors and objects. The studio is currently involved in projects throughout North American and the Middle East.  Throughout his career, Ferrari has worked with luxury heavyweights including Four Seasons, Viceroy & LVMH.

Studio Paolo Ferrari’s work emerges through the pursuit of inventive and resonant concepts, lead by design strategy, refinement, and integrity. Creative thinking, collaboration and optimism guide the studio’s approach and at its most fundamental, we believe design is about celebrating the human experience.


Editions Paolo Ferrari is a contemporary furniture collection founded in 2016 and handcrafted in Canada. Conceptually driven, each Edition is a collection of unified objects in dialogue with one another. Simplicity and refinement are core tenants, and the duality between sculpture and utility serve as key areas of exploration.

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