by Vanna Villa

A small house (Petite Maison Corseaux), destined to be the home of the parents of Le Corbusier, was built between 1923-24 on the plans of Le Corbusier and his cousin, Pierre Jeanneret. The building design and the plans had been developed before choosing the ground; Le Corbusier was given the task of finding a lot and found the perfect place.


This is the first example of the modern architecture of Le Corbusier in Switzerland. Villa Le Lac can be seen today as a true example of modern architecture that would arise shortly after Le Corbusier.


The small house  meets three of the future “five points of a new architecture”:

°The garden terrace

°Free floor plan

°Large, running windows


The living machine begins to be delineated in this house, the rigorous concern for use and the proportion of free plans, thanks to the reinforced concrete structure and the importance of a functional plan.


Text provided by Wikiarquitectura

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