by Vanna Villa

Striving towards spaces for heightened wellbeing – or in Vincent Van Duysen’s words ‘the art of living well’ – is the inherent goal of designers globally. But it’s how designers tap into this mission for wellness that takes real skill. We’ve found a sure success story in Warrior One yoga studio by GOLDEN, in bayside Melbourne.

While it’s part of a global wellness movement, Warrior One isn’t your run-of-the-mill yoga destination. Designing the ‘yogi oasis’ was driven by the studio’s belief in holistic wellbeing and to create an organic, sensory experience for guests by taking inspiration from the ocean. Enlisting local firm GOLDEN ensured these wishes were granted. This calming but energising new spot is where you can go to centre yourself, admire meticulous design work and in the words of Warrior One, ‘step back into your day feeling epic’.

Text via EST

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