by Vanna Villa

The selection of items ranges from blankets – their star product – through tablecloths, curtains, garments, as well as any other bespoke piece. Every item is handmade with 100 percent natural fibers dyed with their own natural dyes. ABBATTE’s design is based on the intrinsic defects of the materials, resulting in a contemporary and schematic design. Raw fibers come from all over the world; from South America to China, being of the highest quality is the main requirement.

Not only are their fabrics spectacular, but it is also admirable the way they involve the local community, the interest they have in keeping alive a craft which is otherwise destined to disappear. The passion with which its creator Elena talks about processes and techniques does nothing but make one fall in love- even more, if possible -with their products.

All of their products are woven in Santa María de la Sierra, where we were invited to join them in one of their dying workshops. The property, 100km from Madrid, includes 11 hectares of oak grove with a garden of dye plants that is used mainly for educational purposes. The new building, designed by architect Alberto Ballarín, is divided into two areas that house the textile workshop and a space where they hold seminars, courses – like the one we attend- and conferences always related to the textile world. A 13th-century Cistercian monastery is the icing on the cake. From the moment you set foot on the property, it seems to be in a world apart, where the noise and stress of the city have no place.

Quality, sustainability, durability, responsibility, and exclusivity. These words embody the values of a brand that will undoubtedly reach very far. Follow them @abbatte_


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