We visited Lucas y Hernández Gil’s studio to talk about their latest project, VB House. Ultimately, we ended up talking not only about the project but about art, architecture, the impact of social media, traveling…about life. 

The studio, located in a single-family house in one of the most representative neighborhoods of Madrid’s rationalism, is hidden behind a high fence. Once in the courtyard, a large pivoting glass door invites us to enter; behind, an open space where the whole team works (all women!). Luminous and sober with the punk counterpoint of the furniture collection they designed.

The creative duo behind Lucas y Hernández Gil, also known as Kresta design, Cristina and Fernando, have known each other since they were kids, and this harmony is noticeable throughout the interview. They complete each other’ ideas, share interests, and ways of seeing life as well as methods of approaching design.

..It’s not so much the idea as the working process...

They were classmates at the Polytechnic University of Madrid at a time when the faculty was made up of a group of brilliant architects. It’s a career that they recommend to everyone “it helps to furnish the head.”

From the collaboration with Dionisio Hernandez Gil – an expert in monument restoration-they kept the idea that interventions should preserve the essence of the original, and extending this concept to urban design, they also believe that the city is made by adding the contributions of many. At the end of their studies, they won a competition, and against the opinion of friends and relatives, who believed that working for a large studio was a better way out, they decided to open their studio. Thus, in 2007, Lucas y Hernández Gil was born. Their first project was a 42m2 bakery, a small project where they saw a great opportunity; they did not lack vision.

..against the opinion of friends and relatives, who believed that working for a large studio was a better way out, they decided to open their studio...

Since then, they have always selected with care the projects in which to participate always prioritizing the freedom of action. They overcame the crisis that was to come, and in 2009 they created Kresta design, which complements the studio converting it into a multidisciplinary space that includes graphic and furniture design. Their collages have become a characteristic image of the studio, and although Cristina insists that it is a team effort, Fernando suggests that they are the result of his partner’s work.

They always try to take part in the whole project to avoid objects becoming the protagonists of a space that was created with another purpose. The result is a coherent image, solid with a singular vision.Get to know them better In10 questions and 5 tips.


¤ A neighborhood  to get lost…

-Get lost in the Botanical Garden.

¤ An architectural work…

– Royal collections Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos.

– La Corona de Espinas by Fernando Higueras.

¤ A place to eat…

-Any of which we go often, and where we are called by our name.

¤ A shop that every designer should know…

– Librería Naos.

¤ A secret spot…

– Zapatería Losada

kresta madrid guia-8

Botanical Garden

kresta madrid guia-7

Royal collections Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos

kresta madrid guia-6

Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute

kresta madrid guia-5

Zapateria Losada

Thanks to Cristina and Fernando, for being so patient…we enjoyed every second of our time with them.

  Thank you so much!

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